The center has an active volunteer program, with opportunities for students and community members with an interest in East Asia to donate their time and expertise to campus-wide activities and local outreach programs.


Past Events

Our volunteers have helped out at some awesome events, including but not limited to:

  • The Project School International Night
  • MCCSC Multilingual family event
  • Lunar New Year
  • MidAutumn Festival
  • Various Japan Foundation events


Volunteering is a case-by-case time commitment, with flexibile volunteering options that fit your schedule. Anyone who is interested in or has knowledge about East Asia are welcome to volunteer!

Interested in volunteering with us?

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

EASC has a wide vareity of activities that volunteers can be needed for. Our many opportunities include: 

1. Assisting with cultural festivals held at IU.

ex. Japan Foundation events, Lunar New Year, MidAutumn Fesival, First Thursday culture tables

 2. Visits to local elementary schools for/during cultural nights

3. Outreach activities vary by event and may include:

  • Talking about East Asian countries' geography
  • Teaching common phrases in East Asian languages
  • Talking about a traditional art, festival, or custom
  • Teaching children’s games
  • Talking about daily life and culture
  • Helping with a craft or other hands-on activity
  • Answering questions related to East Asia.

Not at all! We welcome volunteers with all kinds of backgrounds in regards to East Asia! Not only are our events a great way to educate the public but also an opportunity for our volunteers to learn more about other countries!

In most, or all cases, no preparation for events will expected of volunteers. Occasionally, volunteers may be asked to help set up events but all related/necessary materials will be provided and prepared by Center staff. Volunteers simply need to arrange their own transportation to and from events as well as notify EASC staff if they are no longer able to attend the event.