Visiting Scholars

The East Asian Studies Center welcomes visiting East Asian Scholars with research interests that reinforce our goal of building networks of knowledge, practice, resources, and discovery that enhance understanding of East Asia locally, regionally, and nationally.

During their stay at Indiana University, EASC requests visiting scholars give one or two public lectures as part of our East Asian Studies Center Friday Colloquium Series.

As host institution, EASC:

•Facilitates visiting scholars’ entry into the United States.
•Reviews, verifies, and reports research progress to sponsors in visiting scholars’ home countries.
•Supports visiting scholars’ access to University IDs and Library cards, insuring their ability to conduct research and use related university resources.

Researchers of various disciplines are supported through our visiting scholars program to promote a wide range of international research and collaboration at Indiana University.

Please feel free to send an email to both Laura Judson at and Morten Oxenboell at should you have any questions regarding the EASC visiting scholar program.


Past & Present Visiting Scholars

Dr. Roslynn Ang (Fulbright Visiting Scholar)

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies, the National University of Singapore

Dr. Antonia Luszczykiewicz (Fulbright Scholar )

Director of the Taiwan Lab Research, Jagiellonian University at Krakow

Byung Dae Kim
Head, Humanitarian Cooperation Bureau in the Ministry of Unification, Republic of Korea

Ho Kim
Associate Professor Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Sunkyungkwan University

Namhee Park
Director, Cyber Policy Division, Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea
Research Topic: National Security Policy


Youngwook Park
Director, Bureau of Statutory Interpretation and Information, Ministry of Government Legislation, Republic of Korea
Research Topic: Drafting of Legislative Bill Systems

Yoon Hae Ha
Deputy General Manager of Political Division, Kukmin Daily News
Research Topic: Solutions for North Korea to drop the nuclear program, Korea-America policies against North Korea


Hyun Joo Yoon
Director of Public Relations, Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense
Research Topic: National Defense and Security Policies


Nam Young Kim
Staff, Republic of KoreaMinistry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Research Topic: Policies for revitalizing local communities through arts and culture.         


Susam Kim
Director, Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense
Research Topic: A variety of range of bilateral/international cooperation during UN PKO, HA and/or DR

Seongji Woo
Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Kyung Hee University
Research Topic: North Korean Politics



Jinki Kim
Professor, Division of International and Area Studies, Pukyong National University
Research Topic: Japanese Political Economy


Hangbum Cho
Professor, Department of Korean Language and Literature, Chungbuk National University
Research Topic: A Comparative and Contrastive Study of Korean and American Place Names

Anita Ren
Ph.D. student, Beijing Normal University; China Scholarship Council Fellow
Research Topic: History of U.S. Higher Education


Xiaoyang Huang
Ph.D. candidate, Zhejiang University
Research Topic: Cognitive Processes Involved in EFL Reading

Anita Ren
Ph.D. student, Beijing Normal University; China Scholarship Council Fellow
Research Topic: History of U.S. Higher Education

Shue (Sue) Wang
Ph.D. student, Tsinghua University; China Scholarship Council Fellow
Research Topic: Quality Assurance in Higher Education via Institutional Assessment Based on College Student Learning Experience: A Comparison of American Experience and Chinese Reality


Wang Yuan
Associate professor, International Studies, Northeast Normal University; Fulbright Scholar, affiliated with EASC
Research Topic: International and Global Education in the United States

Luo Yan
Associate professor, Institute of Education, Tsinghua University; IU Bloomington Faculty Research Support Program, directed by Heidi Ross, professor, School of Education, and director, EASC
Research Topic: Developing National Student Engagement Surveys for Chinese Secondary and Higher Education: Effective Practice for an Era of Mass Schooling